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Architect Geoffrey Bawa

Bentota Beach Hotel














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Bentota Hotel
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   Stairs to the pool area.
The hotel was designed  by  architect Geoffrey Bawa to a form of an old Dutch fort. The Bentota Beach Hotel built in 1968 was Sri Lanka's first purpose-built resort hotel, combining the conveniences required by demanding tourists with a sense of place and continuity
      The hotel room 111 was directly over the bandstand of the bar.
We went to bed every night at 22
and the band stopped playing at 24.
  The bar served also coffee. We recommend
the Bentota Club Sandwitch with a botle of Lion beer.
      Our favorite place was the grill terrace
      You could also reserve a sunchair
     The poolarea
  Cathering the floating flowers from the garden pool
      Different electrical applience standards. There was a pinhole for the 230 V mobile phone charger
      The rooms where entered from the backside balcony
surrounding the garden pool.
  The ocean and palmtrees. View from the room balkony
      Sitting on the balcony in the shade
        There was varans ammongst the suncahirs
digging insects from the lawn
      Nightswim in the illuminated pool at Your own risk
     Waiting for omelets at breakfast.
The self made ice cream desert at dinner was delicious. The enjoyment would have been perfect with LONG ice cream spoons.
The hard concrete sealing of the dining area echoed the voices strongly. Perhaps the panorama window classes where installed afterwards which caused the noice level to grow considerably .
  The bathroom was small but efficient
      The bridge over Bentota river to Aluthgama town
      Aluthgama town main street

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