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    On a felucca sailing
  Akha Kans mauseleum in the hill     I got to hold the rudder
    Kitchener's island garden Water birds
      Some tourists took a dip on the Nile     Children at the nubian village
      The Nile style row boat with flat board oars     Camels on the shore
Hotel Old Cataract
where Agatha Christie got the idea for  "Death on the Nile"
      The unfinished obelisk     The granite mines of Aswan
      Powerline poles on the desert     Abowe the Old Dam
    Aswan High Dam     The High Dam is more like an enbankment.
It has got no gates for ships
  A small demonstration at Aswan
There was unrest in Egypt.
so the trawel agency decided that we shall
NOT go to Kairo to see the pyramids.
So the Night Train to Kairo was cancelled and
we came back on the same boat to Luxor
Ar the Papyrus Institute.
t was not allowed to take any photographs



























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