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    The tourists where transported to the Temple by horse carriages.
The coverment touristassociation had forbidden to use busses
        Temple of Edfu cort yard
Edfu  temple was build by the Ptolemaios pharaos 237 - 105 Bc.

It was worshipping the falcon formed god Horus,

When the temple was found by Auguste Mariette  in 1860 the sand was filling the temple
almost to the roof  wich was  black  because the villagers where living inside and burning fires.

    Columns of the hypostyle hall.
    Statue of Horus
        The pylon is 79 meters wide and 36 meters high.
    Sparows in the hieroglyfs
  Nekhbet and Wadjet are crowning pharoh Ptolemaios VIII The horses name on carriage 300 was Usuf
        The horses where waiting on the square. Everybody had to go back with the same carriage
    The horses got a cool bath after hard work

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