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    The Luxor Temple pylon
Luxor  temple was founded 1350 bC  during the 18. Dynasty
by Pharaoh Amenofis III.

Later on it was expanded by Pharaoh Ramses II

       Svinks ally led from Karnak to Luxor
2 statues of Ramses II in front of the Luxor Temple Pylon Mosc of Abu al-Haggag from 1100 century
inside the Luxor Temple
Columns of the hypostyle hall
    Ramses II colos
        On the East bank of Nile at Luxor
    Perfume essence factory   Alladin Gave on the Basar of Luxor
    Myth of Amun-kent a one handed one legged man
who saved the willge by fathering all children
while the other men where in the war

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