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        Typical Nile scenery. The Mountains are nor far on both sides.
        Sunset on the west bank
    The only bridge between Luxod and Aswan at Esna
Nile River is  the longest in the world. It runs north
from equator to the Mediteranean Sea.
The Nile River is some 6,600 km long.

Nile has 2 branches
The Blue Nile from lake Tana in Ethiopia and
The White Nile from Lake Albert between Uganda and Gongo.

For centuries, millions of North Africans have depended on
the water of the Nile for their crops.
The Egypt civilization is one of the oldest civilizations in the world
1st dynasty 3100 - 2890 Bc.

The Nile flooding season is celebrated in Egypt as an annual holiday
for two weeks starting August 15

      Morning mist at Edfu
Leaving Luxor port


old graves on the riverbank

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