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Elephant Ride - Pangchang Saiyok Elephant Park

v In Saiyok Elephant Park the Mahuds (drivers) are trained together with the elephants.
Of the 500 000 elephants that once lived on earth, only 5000 are left.

The tourists are floated down the river to the Elephant park in small
bamboo rafts.

The rafts float peacefully down the river.
Each bamboo raft is steered by a pheasant with a paddle.

The elephant ride is a bouncing experience. When the elephant is going downhill there is nothing
to keep you from falling , if you do not cling tight with your hands to the bench. I would not recommend elephant riding for people with a bad back ace or children under 12 years.

There was also a cameraman on  the riverbank taking pictures that
where sold afterwards.

The route went sometimes into the water. The baby elephants where
tied up to their mothers and followed on the side. Some times the
baby elephants had to dive.

Notice the elephant  "droppings" (shit) on the path.
The photograph frames they sold with Your pictures riding the elephant
(if You did not have your own camera with you )
where maid of elephant droppings.This is what I call exotic recycling.

In the bush the Mahud loaned Your camera and took pictutres of You
riding the elephant  for evidence to show at home.

During the ride the mahud stopped and jumped to the ground to gather
leaves to form crowns and to gather fallen budha tree flowers and
sticked them on a litle branch. Here are some crowned tourists after
the ride.

In The elephant show  volunteers can lay on the ground while an elephant
tabs with its front foot on the back. The elephants seem to be enjoying the show
just as much as the tourists. The elephants appeared of their free will as soon as
they discoverd thet an audience was seated and waiting for the show to begin.

watch the show
8 minutes

The elephants get bananas for their tricks. Banana bunches
are sold for 20 Baths.

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