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Shopping in Hua Hin / Cha Am Thailand


There is a big air conditioned shopping mal about 2 km south of Hua Hin center.
The shops at Cha Am sell mostly the same tourist stuff sold at the beach.
The travel agencies take the tourists to the Cha Am
Premium Outlet  for
"genuinebrand" clothing products.
The souvenir shop at Kwai Bridge was huge.

Buying silk for curtains at the Rashnee Thai Silk store. About 20 / meter.
A transport in an air conditioned wan from the hotel
was provided free of charge ,if You ordered it the day before.

The Market Village shopping mal on the main street of Hua Hin.

Inside the shopping mall with 3 floors of shops.

The Starbuck coffee house at the shopping mall. There is NO toilet
in the cafeteria. You have to use the toilet on the 2nd floor of the shopping mall.
A shopping paradise was built on the roadside. The travel agencies
take tourists in  this Premium Outlet  mall where only genuine brands are sold.

Jewelry counters at Kanchanaburi tourist market at Kwai River Bridge.

The typical shops in Cha Am center. We managed to buy a good
fruit knife, some fresh baby bananas & a pineapple and  a good straw hat.

Selling La Coste shirts on the beach in the evening at Low-tide.

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