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Regent Beach, Cha Am

The  Regent Beach is between Hua Hin and Cha Am ,some 15 km north
of Hua Hin and some 8 km south of Cha Am .
The ocean has a very notable tide.  In the evening low-tide and
in the morning it is high-tide.

Sunrise at 7:30 on Regent Beach looking over the Siam Bay.

High-tide in the morning. The fishing harbor in the background towards Hua Hin.

We tested laying down on the sun chairs for one day - ---- boring.
The towels are given from the pool side against Your room number.
The towels are used to RESERVE a sunchair.

There are some tower hotels on the way towards Cha Am.

A big tree half way from Regent to Cha Am.

The water is warm and clean but not so clear in the Bay of Siam.

A trilobite washed on the shore.

The Terazo beach snack bar. Thai Nut Sauce Chicken is the best.

In front of  the Terazo bar a green flag is hoisted in the morning when
it is safe to swim in the ocean

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