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Jungle Rafts Hotel on Little Kwai River


The Jungle Rafts Hotel consists of some 10 bamboo houses built on pontoons
anchored on the river bank. The hotel  was founded by a retired
French oil-engineer J. Bes in 1976

The original old side when arriving on the longtail boat

Longtail boat ride to the Jungle Rafts Hotel is a speedy adventure.
Some of the car motors reused in the boats have over 200 horse powers.

Longtail boats at sunrise

The Bar Raft ,
and One of the  floating terraces anchored in front of each house

Board walk running from raft to raft

Each house has 3 separate rooms with front and back terrace, gold shower and toilet seat.
The bed is cowered with a mosquito net hanging from the sealing.
There is no air-conditioning, but still it is astonishingly cool to sleep in a bamboo house.
During the night the floating driftwoods make distant thunder like
bounding noises when they collide with the pontoons.

Almost a hundred oil lamps are burning trough the night, because there is no electricity.
The room key is attached to a little flashlight.

Going to the rafts from the river bank

The people living in the Mon tribe village on the river bank take care of the Raft Hotel.

Working elephants used by the Mon tribe

Children singing at the Mon tribe village school. In Thailand education is free for 17 years
(Following the model used in Finland). Donations of paper blocks and pencils are apreciated.

The paths are cowered to ease walking in the village during the rainy season.

Tourists are taken back with the longtail boats.

Water Buffalos on the river bank

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